Monday, March 2, 2009

So I'm not alone in this whole... insomnia thing!

Seems this whole insomnia thing is bigger than just me lately. Usually, I'll stay up late and write, and of course, Tweet now and then, but typically, my batteries will die at about 3am. Earlier today, ok... yesterday, I had a fun time at the #techbrunch with a great group of LA Techies, but I got up way too early yesterday morning for a grand total of 4 hours sleep. This of course came back to haunt me. Thought I'd take a nap at 6 or so, but that nap lasted till just after 10pm when a friend in Utah called giving me good news she had. Who knows how long that nap would have lasted.

Leah, you found me awake, and asked me to join here, and why not? I certainly fit the profile! It's now 4am, and I'm wide awake in LA.

Next time, I'll be a bit more creative in my postings. Leah, sorry didn't see you at the LA Mixer, but Daynah and Justine were there and its always great to see them. Back to Tivo! ;)

-Jim (@techfrog) Certified Insomnisquader

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  1. Hey Jim!

    Thanks for joining us :) sorry I missed you guys, too! Next time for sure. Yeah, 4 am in LA...good thing I don't have to wake up early tomorrow! Good night...eventually...