Monday, March 2, 2009

Normally a nighthawk, but 5am is pushing it!

First off, I'm Kevin, I'm 26, and I live in Alberta, Canada. So why am I up at 5am on Monday morning? It's simple, my brain refuses to stop thinking, either about what I need to do in the coming days, or what I read or saw while surfing the 'net this weekend.

It also has to do with the fact that I was up most of the night on Saturday catching up on TV shows (Fringe), watching "Punisher: War Zone" (which is excellent, by the way, though rather gory), and slept til 4pm. Yeah, I know, I don't understand that either.

I truly wish it was a long weekend right now, but it's not, so I'm waiting til 6am, going to bike over the college (two blocks away) and submit my assignment, then come home, where I will finish another assignment (InDesign, and no, I'm no expert) I totally forgot about, and then hopefully pass out.

My instructor won't be too happy with me, but there's no point going to class when I can't really focus. So long as I email him and finish the work, I should be cool though.

So, in effect, I've created a long weekend for myself, though it doesn't feel as satisfying being forced as it would have if it were planned. I'm a nighthawk, but 5am too late even for me!

Thanks, Leah, for letting me be an author on this blog! I hope you get the Great Barrier reef job! I'm rootin' for ya, and yes, I voted for you! I really enjoyed your video, too!

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