Friday, July 1, 2011

Blame it on the Decepticon Invasion...

It was Tuesday around 7pm and I noticed Transformers premiered at 12 01am. I finished my dinner, theater and pickup a ticket. Returned to my hotel room, pounded out some emails and reports and went on to the Theater at 11:15pm.

Get settled into a great seat and there was a lot if energy in the crowd. I said yup I made the right decision....go to a movie at 12:01am (actual start time was 12:25). A yawn or two and I was able to pay full attention to the movie in all it's glory. It was cool, particularly bumble bee. 

So I get to bed around 4am and wired, woke up at 6am and in the office by 7:30am. When the movie came up some how during the day I shared my viewing experience. They looked at me as if insane and that I was still going strong. Still running strong the rest of the week....

So. I watched Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee and Sam defeat those mean Deceptions again. It was fun and worth the lack of sleep. So Blame my lack if sleep on that Deception Invasion. 

P.S.  anyone see the movie and note the link to Star Trek?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Can't Stop

So I am currently living with my sister to help pay for funds, and get me back on my feet. Started school, so I needed any help I could get. The problem is, at least in her mind, is that I stay up until the wee hours of the morning. My sister, being a single mother, working 40 minutes away from our house, and driving a car that steals $50 a day in gas, goes to sleep around 9:30, 10 o'clock and naturally finds it abnormal that I stay up until 3 or 4am.

Being a geek, gamer, and a native to the PST stuck in CST, I pretty much have to stay awake because of how connected I am to the online world. It's just a normal thing for me, if my friends are up playing games on STEAM or Starcraft II, I'm naturally going to play with them. We've been doing this for years, and it's just who I am.

My sister is annoyed that I do this, and wants me to change. I can't change instantly and just fall asleep. My body just doesn't work that way, let alone anyone else, but like I said, I don't want to tarnish our relationship over something as dumb as me staying awake. I need to find a common ground. What can I do or say besides, it's just who I am?

Running, Melatonin, and Serenil = Failure to Sleep

Alright, so I haven't found any research to confirm this, but I've noticed that when I'm more physically active I have a harder time falling asleep at night - thought it was supposed to be the opposite. After a run or workout, I take a hot shower and am usually ready to pass out. If I do fall asleep then, I only sleep for a couple hours and then I'm up and wired. If I stay awake and try to go to bed at a normal hour, my body feels restless and like I could literally go out and run a half marathon at 3 o'clock in the morning - and probably complete it in my best time. It's maddening!!!

I haven't been able to fall asleep before 5am for several weeks now. I've tried everything. Avoiding caffeine late in the day, avoiding the computer super late at night - not now obviously, trying to make the bedroom a peaceful retreat from the rest of the house, etc, etc. I've also tried melatonin and now have added serenil to the mix, which is a natural Italian sleep aid - though, it's not like melatonin that you take before bed, it's an herbal supplement that is supposed to help you relax and set your biorhythms straight. It's only been a few days since I've tried that and it's not working, either.

Oh, and when I do finally fall asleep and wake up the next day I feel EXHAUSTED and not fully rested at all.

Anyway, I really don't know how to fix this problem. How do you all eventually get to sleep? Any recommendations for your squad commander? Please help!!!

Painting Ninja Turtles

In case you missed the previous post...

Watch live streaming video from fuckinartwithmrdelicious at

Thanks for sharing, Goosecomics!

Friday, June 17, 2011


The hardest thing about trying to go to sleep when tired, is Twitter and some amazing people that have the nerve of having the talent to paint Ninja Turtles, and live stream it! I mean really. How dare he?

Dave Rapoza on Twitter
Fuckin' Art with Mr. Delicious on Livestream

Friday, June 10, 2011

Burning the candle at both ends

Working late tonight, 1:30am to be exact. Can't sleep, typical given the name of this blog spot. Then I realized it is partly my passion for driving change, that has ideas swirling in my head that I not only write down but think so much about then that I just dive in.

Well, I realize it requires more discipline because despite all this inspiration - what good is it if I can't exert the appropriate energy when in front of those looking for leadership. What are your thoughts?

What do you this k?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sleep over rated?

Not according to Arriana Huffington. I agree sleep helps stay focused and healthy. I still am a night owl.