Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Healthy Late Night Snack - I Think...

Alright, if you're like me the longer you stay up the more you want to eat again. I was craving something sweet, but I'm trying to be good so to satisfy the hunger I ate 2 teaspoons of soy peanut butter with a drop of Hershey's chocolate syrup. It's not a Reese's cup, my friends, but its better than nothing!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Late night. 3:30am. Back from watching the Watchmen. Anybody else back from watching the film? I'm a fan of Alan Moore's book. So, I'm happy for the adaptation. However, as I've posted on my twitter (/mrz3000), the movie left me wanting: that is, the material was presented beautifully but the method of presentation--as if it was a damn music video--reduced the original source to popcorn fodder. I'm sure many would enjoy it for the sake of being a graphic story concerning superheroes, but I fear that the film wont be taken serious due to this insincere treatment. Any thoughts? I'm sure I'll watch it again, but I'm positive that my point of view will be reinforced.

Late Night with Daynah

I'm up late testing out iPhone apps. How geeky. I know I should be sleeping instead. But here are some free Apps I recommend:

1) Rolando Lite
2) Tower Bloxx
3) Super Monkey Balls Lite
4) Crazy Penguin Catapult
5) Topple
6) Spore Origins Lite

1) Kindle
2) I Heart Radio
4) eReader

I'd love to hear what iPhone apps you enjoy!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

I know it's not late anymore, but I was watching "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" last night before completely falling asleep. Is anyone else watching it? This is his first week hosting a talk show and it's great seeing a fellow Twitter-er accomplish big things! He was a little nervous in the first show, but he's getting there. I really like how he takes questions from Twitter and ask his amazing guests too. So geeky. :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What are we missing from the Internet

Commander asked and so I made a long post on my website. In short though, we are missing face to face time. We are so caught up with the World Wide Web, we forget to log out sometimes and meet. This is coming from my point of view, and would love your thoughts. Are you in the same boat?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Normally a nighthawk, but 5am is pushing it!

First off, I'm Kevin, I'm 26, and I live in Alberta, Canada. So why am I up at 5am on Monday morning? It's simple, my brain refuses to stop thinking, either about what I need to do in the coming days, or what I read or saw while surfing the 'net this weekend.

It also has to do with the fact that I was up most of the night on Saturday catching up on TV shows (Fringe), watching "Punisher: War Zone" (which is excellent, by the way, though rather gory), and slept til 4pm. Yeah, I know, I don't understand that either.

I truly wish it was a long weekend right now, but it's not, so I'm waiting til 6am, going to bike over the college (two blocks away) and submit my assignment, then come home, where I will finish another assignment (InDesign, and no, I'm no expert) I totally forgot about, and then hopefully pass out.

My instructor won't be too happy with me, but there's no point going to class when I can't really focus. So long as I email him and finish the work, I should be cool though.

So, in effect, I've created a long weekend for myself, though it doesn't feel as satisfying being forced as it would have if it were planned. I'm a nighthawk, but 5am too late even for me!

Thanks, Leah, for letting me be an author on this blog! I hope you get the Great Barrier reef job! I'm rootin' for ya, and yes, I voted for you! I really enjoyed your video, too!

Motto Suggestions

Every squad needs a good motto...what should ours be? Here are some suggestions from Twitter:

Xaviermagnus@leahdemilio fighting sleep one post at a time

jakezhivov@leahdemilio #insomnisquad motto - Insomnia Squad - always up for a chat

kerric123456@leahdemilio ure moto should be...A MOTTO!

Veilen@leahdemilio #insomnisquad "Carpe Noctem" ;)

gerryc@leahdemilio "We stay awake so you don't have to." ;-) #insomnisquad

And one idea for a meet up:

Xaviermagnus@leahdemilio if the squad ever had a meet up it would have to be at denny's its one of the only things that caters to our kind

So I'm not alone in this whole... insomnia thing!

Seems this whole insomnia thing is bigger than just me lately. Usually, I'll stay up late and write, and of course, Tweet now and then, but typically, my batteries will die at about 3am. Earlier today, ok... yesterday, I had a fun time at the #techbrunch with a great group of LA Techies, but I got up way too early yesterday morning for a grand total of 4 hours sleep. This of course came back to haunt me. Thought I'd take a nap at 6 or so, but that nap lasted till just after 10pm when a friend in Utah called giving me good news she had. Who knows how long that nap would have lasted.

Leah, you found me awake, and asked me to join here, and why not? I certainly fit the profile! It's now 4am, and I'm wide awake in LA.

Next time, I'll be a bit more creative in my postings. Leah, sorry didn't see you at the LA Mixer, but Daynah and Justine were there and its always great to see them. Back to Tivo! ;)

-Jim (@techfrog) Certified Insomnisquader

Best things about insomnia

5) You get a lot of alone time
4) Judge David Young
3) I have the most insane AIM quotes from random people
2) I read a lot of stuff online now

4am and I have become best friends.  It seems that even 3 weeks later I am still finding myself awake on the ex girlfriend's schedule.  (I used to have to wait up for her to get home from work).
On the brightside at least I'm not too broken hearted over this

Web Designing and Flickring

Yes, up late once again.. but I was working. :) Spent the last 7 hours working on a web design for a client. Now I'm trying to update my flickr stream!

Here's something from last Saturday night.. went out to dinner with some friends and then boba tea for dessert. Yum!
Lots of colorful tea!

And oh yes, have you seen the new Skittles website?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

One of Mine

No memorable dreams for me lately, so I thought I'd post something a bit older.
I had an odd dream a while back that ended with me being pushed into a deep pond. The last thing I saw before waking up resulted in me making this image.

Click to see it larger: