Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Healthy Late Night Snack - I Think...

Alright, if you're like me the longer you stay up the more you want to eat again. I was craving something sweet, but I'm trying to be good so to satisfy the hunger I ate 2 teaspoons of soy peanut butter with a drop of Hershey's chocolate syrup. It's not a Reese's cup, my friends, but its better than nothing!!!


  1. With my feed talking about breakfast for dinner, and pancakes, I decided to jump on it and make some. Of course it IS 6:26am my time, so thats breakfast, but I am still an insomnia at heart.

  2. I find that sunflower seeds, while drinking water keeps my hunger down during long nights. That's my number one rule: Bring sunflower seeds, no sleep. Why were you up so late?

  3. whats the real difference health wise between natural peanut butter and soy peanut butter? But I do your same snack with a little chocolate pudding instead of syrup