Monday, March 2, 2009

Motto Suggestions

Every squad needs a good motto...what should ours be? Here are some suggestions from Twitter:

Xaviermagnus@leahdemilio fighting sleep one post at a time

jakezhivov@leahdemilio #insomnisquad motto - Insomnia Squad - always up for a chat

kerric123456@leahdemilio ure moto should be...A MOTTO!

Veilen@leahdemilio #insomnisquad "Carpe Noctem" ;)

gerryc@leahdemilio "We stay awake so you don't have to." ;-) #insomnisquad

And one idea for a meet up:

Xaviermagnus@leahdemilio if the squad ever had a meet up it would have to be at denny's its one of the only things that caters to our kind


  1. I love "Carpe Noctem"! Nice one!

  2. Insomnisquad. Talk to us, and Dennys stays open.