Monday, May 18, 2009

A Bit of Imagery

Like Leah, I've been absent from the 'Squad for a while. I ended up in the hospital for a couple days back in March. Ever since my hospital stay, I've been on a "normal" person's schedule.

But, as I mentioned on my blog, I had some "interesting" dreams, thanks to a combination of medicine and dehydration.
I recently decided to whip up a visual recreation of one of my more freaky moments, where I saw my hospital room's wall turn into a hellish tunnel with an old lady holding a cat.
I must have been really dehydrated.
Anyway, at least it made for a pretty cool picture. At least I think so.

Click to see bigger.


We're Still Here

Though I have been sleeping like a normal myself, tonight the insomnia is back in full force! Of course, I did drink a cup of black chai tea at 10 pm...probably not helping. Please keep contributing to the site and share with your friends! I always enjoy reading what the community puts up. Makes the early morning hours a bit more interesting. Now to start the day only to sleep later...

- Leah