About the Squad

After many a sleepless nights in December of 2008, various insomniacs from across the globe found each other via beyond-bedtime tweets and decided to merge into one mighty squad in order to help others find an outlet for their late-night anxiety musings.

If you'd like to join the squad as a writer, please send an email to our Squad Commander, Leah D'Emilio explaining your interest and main reason(s) for insomnia.

If you'd rather just read our rantings, then please feel free to subscribe to the squad and share your thoughts in the comments! We hope you will enjoy our random, sleep-deprived postings.

I posted this photo in February of 2009 and I think it's still a good representation of what I feel like when I can't fall asleep at night. I'll use it here for now until we create our own original image of insomnia. Any ideas or original artwork you'd like to share? - Your Faithful Squad Commander