Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Humble Idea

With this new author power o'mine, I'm doing as Leah asked and posting one of my ideas for this site. Since it's after 5 AM, I'm tired, and a bit lazy tonight, I'll just be copying and pasting part of an email I sent her.

"Okay, so I was thinking...I seem to have my best creative thoughts/moments when I'm up really late. The quiet, the lack of sleep, it gets the creative juices flowing. Why not aim to get some participation going with project ideas that keep with the insomnia/sleep/nighttime theme?

For example- EVERYONE has bizarre dreams. Instead of just doing a "share your strange dreams" type thing, go for "SHOW us your strange dreams." That opens a ton of artistic possibilities. People could send in anything from doodles, to Photoshop art, even video reenactments of weird dream moments. It'd be cool because the results would surely be all over the place in regards to both the subject matter and the presentation.
Or it could be flipped around so someone could type up a dream and submit it, then anyone reading could send in their visual interpretation of that person's dream. Like a 'Dream of the Week.'"



  1. I really LOVE this suggestion. We could do this in addition to other postings, too, but I think this would be a super fun, interesting, and entertaining format! I am especially curious to see people film their dream reenactments!

    We should have a special indicator in our posting titles to give people a heads up of what "type" of posting you'll have...

    What do you think?

  2. I approve! Actually, I like this idea a lot. It will be more interesting to SEE our dreams in our own format, and improve our talent as well. I'll see what I can do to get mine up at least.
    I used to pretty good artist, but now I write (or starting to write more).

  3. that is a fantastic idea that I won't participate in because my dreams are either too NC-17 or X for video blogging...JK Truth be told I am just not that visually creatively gifted. Although I do think this is an awesome idea that can produce some video of the year quality material

  4. @LGD - We can make it at our own website, if we have one, then post it on twitter with an #ISS_Dream hashtag. (does _ work? Im still new to hashtagging)

  5. I'm new to hashtagging, too - not!?!?

    @Lt.Cmdr Goose - So would you post it here then, too? Or just on your own personal website, then we'd find it on Twitter? Sorry if I'm not understanding...I've been up for 16.5 hours...

  6. I love the sharing of dreams suggestion! I've always been intrigued by the practice of lucid dreaming (Waking Life, anyone?) and find dreams in general to be fascinating. The only problem is, with all of us being insomniacs, who will be the first to fall asleep to dream?! :p

  7. @squad commander (going to be a while before im used to doing this lol) Yeah I think i'll repost here, maybe first paragraph or w/e and a link to my site? Drive some traffic to it. Lord knows, I need something to do with my site.